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“Why do I get the feeling that women really don’t care about dick size until that moment you’re fucking them?”
GeorgeGeorge — Member, ThundersPlace


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, you can keep your head stuck in the sand, listening to lies and other rhetoric, but there’s no denying it: penis size – small, average or large – is a BIG deal. Just watch this innuendo laced segment from a national talk-show host; while society may try to downplay it, we can’t help but draw attention to it.


And as big a deal as it is, it’s more than just about size. More important than size is function: having a HEALTHY penis is an even BIGGER deal. In order to achieve one or both of these things requires three things: the right tools/resources, the right lifestyle, and the right motivation.

Engaging in penis enlargement is more than just about getting a bigger penis – it’s about a lifestyle. Lifestyle changes often require a lot of help and guidance (tools/resources) along the way, reminders of why you are doing what you are doing and ways to stay motivated to reach your goals. Born from this very need, the iLogPE app is one such tool/resource and was designed as an aide to those seriously engaged in penis enlargement as a means to accurately track their routines and programs. Take a look at just some of the features below!

“My very general impression is this; size matters less than a lot of guys think (or fear), but more than a lot women are willing to admit.”
Norsey — Member, ThundersPlace


… having a longer, thicker, firmer penis!

… feeling it heavier, harder and stronger in your hands!

… how much better and fulfilling sex will be for you and your partner!

… how your outlook on life will change with your new-found confidence!

Penis enlargement WILL change your life

That’s not rhetoric and it’s not hyperbole; there are thousands of men in the PE community that can attest to how they’ve gotten bigger as a result of dedication and hard work in reaching their goals. iLogPE is designed to HELP you get there by tracking the data and providing a road map to SUCCESS!


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Check out our Customer Reviews

Love the flexibility and the fact that I can access my data from my phone with ease. Wish it had more graphs and charts though. More interactive features would help too.

Ramone G

Been hanging for years and always sorta kept things in my head. I love the tracking aspect the software affords. Makes my sessions have a bit more meaning and focus. Thanks for the good work.

Warren W.

Pros: fast loading, easy to use and mobile.
Cons: no graphs or charts

Having quick access to my stats from my phone is perfect.

Carlos E

Lots of room for improvement, but totally worth it for only $5. With what's already here, I'd have expected to pay a lot more.

Frank A.

I've been doing PE for more than 15 years and this is the best piece of software, by far, that's on the market (and there aren't many) to help with tracking progress. This is a very feature packed and well thought out system. Still needs some rough edges smoothed but this is very very good. Highly recommended.

Reginald T.