Frequently Asked Questions

What is iLogPE?
iLogPE is a data input and tracking application that deals with male health and wellness. The application uses the program data to track, and even help forecast measurement statistics and enhance session effectiveness. The app automatically calculates essential measurables that aide in tracking progress; all in an effort to help the user refine their existing programs or formulate new ones to reach their goals. The application compiles these statistics for submission for further analysis and research.

The iLogPE application is currently available for use on any devices with an internet connection and a web browser. Access your data securely, 24/7/365.

How do I use the app?
iLogPE is very simple to use and offers a ton of features designed to help you gain the most out of your sessions and routines. When launching the app, you will be presented with a message to create a profile. This profile acts as your ‘base’ or ‘foundation statistics’; all subsequent measurements will use this data as a reference. Once completed, you may enter measurement data at set intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.) to track your progress. If you have historical data you want to import, you may do this as well – just be sure the profile stats are ‘smaller’ than your data set in order to provide accurate growth data.

Session data is entered to track routines and programs. Enter the date and time of he session, the duration of the session and optional notes. A listing of exercises is also included where you may select an infinite number of exercises conducted during the session. The data is saved for easy retrieval for review and analysis.

Why doesn’t the app use metric units only?
To provide the most universal experience, iLogPE uses both the English/American standard unit of inches, as well as centimeters from the metric system. While measurements in centimeters is the most accurate and most flexible system of measurement, we wanted to ensure the the app was universally compatible. A change in the unit settings changes the measurement displays from CM to IN with ease. All units are stored in the database in inches and converted on the fly.

Are the exercises listed the only ones I can do?
No. iLogPE provides a small database of general, standard exercises and techniques compiled from various reputable resources and have included them within the application as a solid starting point. iLogPE provides a mechanism where users can add their own catalog of exercises and techniques and have those selectable as part of their session data records. Users also have the capability of submitting their own exercises to iLogPE to be included in future versions of the application.

Are these exercises proven?
The exercises are provided as a result of a compilation of data from various reputable websites where the user base has overwhelmingly cited great success in applying these techniques. When done properly and safety precautions are followed, these methods are highly effective.

As described in our disclaimer, you are using the iLogPE application and the content at your sole discretion. You and you alone are responsible for what you do to your body. These exercises, when administered correctly, are healthy, but like all exercise it can be dangerous when implemented improperly. iLogPE Software, its partners, affiliates, members, and owners are in NO WAY responsible or liable for any of your actions as a result of usage of this application. The content is for informational purposes only. The content is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

When my data is wiped, what happens to it?
It’s gone. Adios! See ya! The delete function is permanent. Once you wipe your data, it’s like starting all over from scratch, with the exception of the profile measurement – that’s the one item that remains behind. All of your measurements, all of the sessions, all programs – all are deleted from our database. So it’s highly recommended that you backup your files FIRST before wiping. Cause we can’t retrieve anything once it’s been deleted.

When my data is archived, what happens to it?
When you select for a program to be archived, you are essentially ending one program and starting a new one. Archiving a program is essential as an analysis tool in researching what worked for you and what did not work for you as you progress through your penis enlargement routines. Archived data is stored in a tabular format for easy reporting and analysis. None of the data is deleted or removed; all of the measurements and sessions under that program are simply compiled and available within the application for quick reference. User-Defined exercises and Supplements are not stored as a part of the archive. They remain active at all times (until you wipe/delete your profile).