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iLogPE App Updates


– Added: Added SSL Certificate for secure data entry. Flaccid size measurements and goals to Dashboard. New graphs and charts indicating growth and exercises. New table layouts for session, measurements, notes and programs.
– Bug Fix: Corrected Program archive measurement data view.
Corrected Stripe subscription interface for new subscriptions.


– MAJOR NEW FEATURES: Now users will have the capability to add specific information regarding certain exercises during sessions. For example, users conducting pumping exercises can record duration, pressure and cylinder for that exercise directly. This will help aide in tracking specific targeted exercises with pressure/time/cylinder combinations and reference. Other exercises allowing for expanded entry are Jelqs, Ball Growth, Hanging and Extending.
Additionally, users now have the ability to update session data even FASTER. If you conduct the same routine every day, instead of having to enter the same information, all of your session data can be duplicated with the click of a button! Duplicate ANY session and make whatever adjustments necessary to the record to fit your session for that day! Quick, simple, efficient! This is also available for measurement data as well!


– iLogPE is TOTALLY BRAND NEW! Redesigned and reconfigured from the ground up, the application has undergone a MASSIVE overhaul. We’ve added a ton of new features and made the application much more functional and responsive to the user. We’ve rebuilt the entire application on a more robust architecture and platform, allowing for more scalability and responsiveness. More streamlined data input, comprehensive charting data, and more robust program and session options are key features in the new application.

And even with all of these updates, this is just PHASE ONE. Phase Two is slated to roll out soon with even more enhancements and upgrades that will make your penis enlargement sessions even more productive!

Stay tuned!


– Added new feature to view current program in a dashboard popup for full details instead of having to go directly into edit mode


– NEW FEATURE: Size Goal Chart
The Size Goal Chart is a quick visual aid to help track progress of your goals.


– NEW FEATURE: Free-form Notes
The Notes module will allow the user to maintain a running journal without the requirement of adding their notes it to a session or a program. The Notes module is free-form and free-flowing – meaning that you can enter various notes and update/add to those notes at any time.


– Updated PE Resource links.


– Bug Fix: Corrected listing error where having multiple user-defined exercises caused multiple sessions to be listed.


– Added feature for adding supplements


– New website launched. Application online and ready for subscription purchases.


– Initial system development completed. Beta group formed for testing of Beta release 1 of iLogPE App (web application). Website redesign completed.


– After considerable review and inquiries from the public, the iLogPE App is rescaled and reconstituted as a web application. Initial development begins.


– Official iLogPE website launched.


– iLogPE website completed.


– Consulted with WinSolutions PK for integration of additional features.


– Consulted AEEConsulting for design and development.


– iLogPE Software concept developed.

10/30/13 (v 1.0.3)

– Removed app from iTunes App Store citing changes to Apple’s Usage and Content Acceptability Policies.

01/01/13 (v 1.0.3)

– Updated with latest iOS SDK
– Modification of Date/Time entry for ease of adding historical data
– Modification to Session Data module for more streamlined text entry
– Updated dictionary
– Various bug fixes for enhanced use


– Initial release of iLogPE (v1.0.1) software for iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) on Apple App Store.


– Beta release 3 of iLogPE for iOS.


– Beta release 2 of iLogPE for iOS.


– Beta release 1 of iLogPE for iOS.


– Development of iOS version begins.


– Removed iLogPE software from the Google Play and Amazon App Store platforms citing issues with payment distribution and lack of support.


– Initial release of iLogPE (v1.0.1) software for Android platform on Google Play and Amazon App Store.


– Beta release 3 of iLogPE for Android.


– Beta release 2 of iLogPE for Android.


– Beta release 1 of iLogPE for Android.


– Development of Android version begins.


– Beta release 1 of iLogPE for Mac/PC.


– Desktop version concept developed.